Wednesday, December 1, 2010

VLOG: do you know the muffin man

Let's take a walk down Drury Lane and talk about muffins!  Do you know the difference between a muffin and a cupcake?  Muffins generally are eaten for breakfast and because of that they are subtle in sweetness.  Muffins also have distinctive high peaks.  Cupcakes, on the other hand, are miniature forms of cake.  They are frosted and are very sweet and have flat tops.  In this vlog, I'll be discussing the very simple muffin method - that is to mix the wet and dry ingredients separately and then combine them together with minimal agitation.  This will help you to achieve the high muffin tops.

I'll be sharing two different recipes with you, but they'll contain the same scientific information. You can choose between the apple pie filled muffins or the banana chocolate chip muffins OR watch both.  These recipes are equally delish.  I'll also be sharing with you two versions of one song that I am featuring.  The artist is my dear friend Arielle DiGiacomo and she plays a mean ukulele.  Although the song was originally "untitled," it became known as the "lu-wish-cious" song because we were unable to clearly identify what she was saying.  At one point I thought it was "two wishes" but that's not it either.  I realize what it is now having listened to it several times (as I inadvertently do with all the songs I feature when I edit my vlogs), and who knows - maybe you'll get it the first time.  And lastly, these vlogs are considerably shorter than my previous ones; my plan is to keep the vlogs in the 3-5 min range.  Enjoy!