Saturday, September 1, 2012

french gougeres

Are you wondering what gougeres are?  They are cheesy pate a choux doughs.  Pate a choux is a french pastry dough that is super easy to make.  How easy you ask?  Well, I made a video blog about it!  Take a look!

To make gougeres, just add cheese to the mixture prior to baking.  The insides won't be hollow as the cream puffs in the video because the cheese acts as an adhesive to create a matrix within the dough.  So it'll look like the photo you see below.  They have pockets of air and taste magnificently cheesy with a crisp shell on the outside.   

For this recipe, I used a combination of gouda and parmesean cheeses which created this wonderful flavor reminiscent of a cheez-it cracker.   Try it out!