Tuesday, July 16, 2013

apple ricotta tart

It's kind of like a blend of apple pie and ricotta cheesecake with a pie crust all-in-one.  I was originally going to make this a video blog entry and "snazzying" it up with some nerdy scientific facts, but unfortunately life is getting in the way.  I'm working on a new recipe/fancy multi-layered cake with complex french/italian merginue mousseline frosting that may rival my current fancy multi-layered cake with complex french/italian merginue mousseline frosting.  And we're talking about two different cakes.    Anyway, I'll blog about this apple ricotta tart with a photo-by-photo tutorial.

The recipe is rather straightforward.  I paired up the apples with ricotta because they both go well together.  Also, ricotta has an interesting texture and mouthfeel that may or may not float everyone's boat.  I think ricotta cheese has an unusual texture.  It kind of has a rough feeling on the tongue and isn't very smooth and creamy like cream cheese for instance.  So when it bakes up in this recipe, while it does stay cohesive, it seems to break apart in your mouth.  The reason why it works well with the apple pie on top is because I layered the apple slices and when these bake, they aren't a single entity either.  So everything breaks apart in your mouth with a single bite.  I wonder if this description makes any sense?  

Overall, this is an interesting dessert.  It's certainly different.  The taste is there.  The flavor is there.  But I only recommend this recipe if you like the texture and mouthfeel of ricotta cheese.  So if this is right down your alley, let's get started...