Sunday, March 4, 2012

VLOG: a sugar cookie with all the right textures

Are you a fan of sugar cookies?  It wasn't until this recipe that I became one.  Well, that's not exactly true. It actually wasn't until I modified this recipe that I became a true believer.  My reservations about the sugar cookie was the texture, which is something that's difficult to acheive.  With most cookies, what we get out of the oven is a chewy warm cookie but a day later it becomes a hard crispy cookie.  I think maintaining that chewy texture is essential.  And I was able to find a recipe that could do that (keep the cookie chewy), and I was also able to modify the recipe to create a completely different texture (keep the cookie cakey like a Lofthouse cookie or a tea cake, while still maintaining its outer cookie crisp).

Why this recipe works: it contains 68% unsaturated fat to 32% saturated fat = perfect ratio for a chewy cookie.  As I stated in the vlog, I melt the butter so the sugar cookie dough could easily be mixed together with a spoon—it gets rid of the need for a mixer and whisking.  I am replacing a portion of the melted butter with vegetable oil to ensure a chewy cookie without affecting flavor. And by incorporating an unusual addition, the cream cheese, into the cookie dough it make will these cookies tender, while the tang of the cream cheese makes for a rich and not-too-sweet cookie.  I play around with these fat ratios and developed a cakey cookie that tastes the same but with the desired texture.  You'll find the two recipes after the jump.

These cookies would make great snickerdoodles if you roll the dough in equal parts cinnamon and graulated sugar before baking!