Sunday, October 24, 2010

VLOG: one, two, buckle my choux

I am delighted to present Free Phil as the featured artist in this vlogisode.  The one thing I can tell you about Phil is that he rocks this hairdo that reminds me of my "went crazy and cut off all my hair Britney Spears style" moment, circa 2007.  Remember when I cut off my long locks and made it super boy short?  And applied a fist full of styling gel on my head to create a spiky look? And then finished it off with a polka dotted headband that had side swept bangs peeking through?  Well, he looks like he kinda does the same thing minus the polka dots and bangs.  A hairstyle like that certainly made me stand out.  I'm not sure if he gets the same responses I did where strangers complimented me and girls told me I had "big balls" (you know, for cutting it all off), but he does get a "nod of acknowledgement" from me on the track titled "The Interview" and I hope you all enjoy it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

VLOG: the ubiquitous cookie

It has been a while since my last post.  I said I would continue blogging until I got busy and/or bored; I’m busy but definitely not bored.  My posts will probably be made at least once a month, so please google friend connect me so my new entries will pop up on your google reader!

Now what’s so special about this specific recipe of chocolate chip cookies?  That’s up to you to bake and decide.  While I personally think the recipe is a winner, there are two things about this video blog entry (or vlog) for these cookies that make them unique.  First, it focuses on chocolate chip cookie techniques and tips.  You'll see that I made the assumption that the viewer knows absolutely nothing about baking and absolutely nothing about science.  

The second thing about this cookie vlog has to do with the music selection.  I’m thrilled to introduce you to Taylor Brown.  I met him through my guitar instructor quite a few years back.  I attended a couple of his performances before and I had Taylor in the back of my mind for a project.  So I contacted him and when he got back to me to tell me he was on board, I was beyond stoked.  He gave me a few songs to pick from and I chose to feature “Scarlet" which I believe is a pretty solid track.

I hope you enjoy the vlog as much as I did making it.  I just wish it wasn't so blurry after being published on youtube :(  If you have any feedback for me, I'd appreciate it.