Thursday, September 29, 2011

VLOG: brownies, two ways

I wish I had more time to devote to my video blogs and return to the nerdy aspects of it.  Lately, I find that I am rushing to meet my monthly goal of publishing at least one blog entry.  Luckily today I present to you a long awaited post on brownies.  I write "two ways" because I am referring to the base brownie recipe.  The addition of Andes chocolate mints and dulce de leche caramel does not result in two different brownies because the "foundation" is essentially the same.  The first recipe features nutella, which is barely detectable in the flavor of the brownie.  It serves as a component that contributes primarily to texture, more so than taste.  The fats in the nutella spread play a key role.  I offer the second recipe as an equally delicious alternative because not everyone has nutella sitting in their pantry.  Both brownie recipes are phenomenal.  I achieved the same chewiness that is the feature characteristic of Ghiradelli boxed brownies.  The reason why box brownies have that texture is because of  the kind of fats they utilize.  Fat can be divided into two broad types: saturated (solid) and unsaturated (liquid).  The unique combination of these fats is what gives box brownies their characteristic texture.  Box mixes conveniently contain that saturated fat component (shortening), therefore when the unsaturated vegetable oil is added, the ideal chew ratio of liquid fat to powdered solid fat is formed!  To achieve the same chew in a from-scratch homemade recipe, the perfect proportion of liquid to solid fat is required and I believe the two recipes in my vlog will absolutely supply that for you!    

EDIT: I'm currently having difficulties getting the vlog to embed on this site.  So until I get this issue resolved, you can click HERE for the video!

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