Saturday, November 24, 2012

VLOG: chocolate cake two delicious ways

Faux Hostess Chocolate Creme Filled Cupcakes
There's always a simple and easy way to do something and a more laborious and complex way to do the something.  In this case, the something is chocolate cake.  I absolutely adore chocolate cake.  My favorite recipe is a layered chocolate cake with mocha French Mousseline buttercream covered in chocolate oreo cookie crumbs.  In this video blog, I'm discussing two different recipes - Hershey's Black Magic Chocolate Cake and Cooks Illustrated Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake.  Both recipes are delicious and each have their own pros and cons.  I tend to bake Hershey's recipe more often because of its simpicity but the Cooks Illustrated recipe is my go-to for special ocassions.  You cannot go wrong with either recipe!  Take a look at my newest vlog and I hope you bake up these chocolate cakes!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

oreo cookie wafers

New video blogs coming out soon...just in time for some december holiday baking!  In the meantime, here's a recipe I tried out this year...homemade oreo wafer cookies.  I have quite a few recipes on this blog using the cookie as a coating or crust for cakes and pies.  Wouldn't it be easier to make the cookies myself sans the creme filling (since I'm always scraping it off)?  These cookies also freeze well for months after baking!  

The texture of these cookies aren't exactly like a crunchy oreo cookie.  They are crisp on the outside and remarkably chewy and dense on the inside.  But if you stick them in the freezer and eat them frozen, they have a texture more reminiscent of an oreo cookie.  And not to worry, a frozen cookie wafer is not hard like a block of ice so it will be easy to bite into and enjoy without having to defrost the cookie!

I imagine adding a creme filling center sandwiched between two of these oreo wafers will make the cookie softer (due to the extra moisture from the filling) and it will be very similar to whoopie pies, albeit much smaller and less cakey.  

I didn't do much tweaking to the recipe as I wanted to try it out as written from the New York Times and I have to say that the flavor of the cookie wafer is spot on.  However, the texture may need some work.  But I like the softer texture from the homemade version.  The crunchy store bought oreo texture is probably due to the shelf stable ingredients Nabisco uses and I wouldn't doubt the role of presevatives as well.  Overall, this recipe is a keeper.  I've definitely added it to my recipe book.  Should oreos go out of business like our iconic Hostess treats, all won't be lost!