Friday, May 24, 2013

gluten-free sesame spheres

A few years back a friend requested that I try making a non-American recipe.  And I did...two years ago and I've made it again and again since.  I had every intention of making it a vlog as well.  Well, I've given up on that but I'm finally going to post the recipe.  I got the recipe from a Vietnamese couple who blog about Vietnamese food.  This recipe that I've titled as "gluten-free sesame spheres" is actually called B├ính Cam, which literally translates to orange cake.  But it's not actually a cake.  It looks like a crispy sesame ball with sweet mung bean filling.  The bonus is that it's gluten free without intending to be because this recipe uses rice flour!

I wouldn't fret about me not making a video blog on this because the source of the original recipe created a video demonstrating the technique to making these sesame spheres.  But before I go on posting their video and including their recipe, let me describe this dessert.  This Asian treat is a combination of crispy, chewy, creamy, sweet and savory all-in-one!  The mung bean filling inside the sphere can be sweet or savory with the additions of sugar and salt.  It's also creamy because the mung beans were smashed together to make a paste.  Enveloped around the filling is a rice flour mixture.  This is what lends to the chewy texture of the dessert.  And the rice flour is then rolled in sesame seeds which gives it a nutty flavor.  This dessert is then fried like a doughnut and thats what gives it the crispy outer shell.  I would recommend this recipe because it's such a contrast to typical American treats.  And it's versatile.  You can add whatever you like for a filling.  The rice flour doesn't have any particular flavor so it would go well with anything!  

a closer look

I'm also including some photographs of the rice flour packaging so you know what you're looking for at your local (Asian) grocery store!  You'll find them right after listed recipe ingredients.