Sunday, June 2, 2013

VLOG: strawberry shortcakes

This vlog is a two-fer!  (A two-for-one kind of deal.)  We're talking cream scones and strawberry shortcakes!  Mmmmm.  My older brother loves strawberry shortcakes...but not the kind I've made here. A recent New York Times article discussed the confusion.  One uses sponge cake as the base and the other uses biscuits as the foundation.  Melissa Clark, of the NYTimes, demonstrates how to make the sponge cake strawberry shortcake and I, of the A Baking and Blogging Chemist, will demonstrate how to make the cream scone strawberry shortcake.  

The scones came out extremely tender and moist with a crispy outer crust straight out of the oven.  It complemented the fresh juicy strawberries and light and airy whipped cream very well.  The scones last for a few days, so bake only as many as needed and keep the remainder in the freezer for next time!