Sunday, October 24, 2010

VLOG: one, two, buckle my choux

I am delighted to present Free Phil as the featured artist in this vlogisode.  The one thing I can tell you about Phil is that he rocks this hairdo that reminds me of my "went crazy and cut off all my hair Britney Spears style" moment, circa 2007.  Remember when I cut off my long locks and made it super boy short?  And applied a fist full of styling gel on my head to create a spiky look? And then finished it off with a polka dotted headband that had side swept bangs peeking through?  Well, he looks like he kinda does the same thing minus the polka dots and bangs.  A hairstyle like that certainly made me stand out.  I'm not sure if he gets the same responses I did where strangers complimented me and girls told me I had "big balls" (you know, for cutting it all off), but he does get a "nod of acknowledgement" from me on the track titled "The Interview" and I hope you all enjoy it.

Pâte à Choux adapted from Joy of Baking
Ingredients for 12 puffs
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup (4 tbsp) unsalted butter
1/2 cup water
2 large eggs

1) Preheat the oven to 400F.
2) Sift flour, sugar and salt.
3) Bring butter and water to a boil over medium heat.  Then remove from heat and add flour mixture.
Return to low heat and stir constantly until dough comes away from the sides of the pan and it is no longer sticky and leaves no residue.
4) Transfer to a mixer or a bowl.  Let cool.  Slowly add eggs and allow each one to incorporate before adding the next.
5) Using two spoons or moist hands, form 12 golf-ball sized dough and place on a parchment covered baking sheet.
6) Bake 15 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 250F and bake for an additional 30-40 minutes until a golden brown color is achieved.
7) Turn oven off and remove from oven and immediately pierce the puffs to release extra steam.  Cool on a wire rack.  You may freeze them for future use, or slice in half and fill or pipe in the filling.


  1. Dear Ms. Lollipop,

    Great entry. I really liked the music and I thought it balanced well with the video, especially when the music would swell and the lyrics complimented the science of baking (I think the lyrics were "make sure to make it all congeal"...did you do that on purpose?)
    You did a good job of adding pertinent information and allowed us enough time to read and at least partially digest the science behind what you were doing.

    looking forward to more entries!

  2. Wow, and I always though cream puffs were complicated... this looks totally do-able!! And also, now I know why Mom calls it "Banh Choux"! How'd it taste??

  3. Haha, I noticed that the lyrics kept matching up too Eric! My grandma used to make these all the time though i had no idea they were called pate a choux then! Oh and my grandma's favourite version of it was DURIAN flavoured cream should give that a try!

  4. Cool! How long does it take to make? Your recipe doesn't have a time estimate!

  5. @Eric: I put as much consideration into my music selection as I do with the content :) Ok, that's only true in this case. And to think this song was almost my triple C's track...

    @Cece: It was melt-in-your-mouth buttery and delicious!

    @Charlene: I had brainstormed filling ideas that included "outrageous" ingredients like azuki beans and durian. But one project at a time!

    @Chris: It's not written in the blog, although it is on the recipe card in the vlog. Approx. 20 mins prep time (but it can easily be 10 mins if you know how to move in the kitchen) and 30-40 mins in the oven!

  6. Awesome recipe!
    I liked the scientific approach you took in explaining the recipe. :)

  7. I super love your video~ <3 <3 <3
    full of thoughts, very inspiring and is so entertaining~! ^^
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge~! ^^ <3

  8. @Clara: Thanks for the feedback! Stay tuned for my sugar cookie vlog coming out in December. I'm taking the same nerdy approach ;)

    @Cheka: Thank you for your support! I appreciate it!

  9. Hello! I was watching a show when i saw that the main character made cream puffs . I really want to make them OwO And this was the most simple and fun looking video i could find. Thanks! and its awesome :DDD

    1. @Deon: You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the video! And thanks for letting me know :)

  10. The video states baking at 425 for 15 minutes then reduce to 350 and cook for an additional 30 minutes to dry them out?
    Recipe says 400 for 15 minutes then 250 for additional 30 minutes? Which is correct, I am using the 425/350 right now and I will advise of my results

    1. @Bruce Rioch: My apologies...I didn't realize that there was a discrepancy. I'll look into that. The video is correct...bake at 425F for 15 minutes followed by an additional 30-40 minutes at 350F. So you're on the right track with the temperatures you used!

  11. Oops, forgt to tell you I really enjoyed your video and style.
    Thanks for the posts

  12. All I can say is WOW .... The 425/350 temps worked great. These stayed tall, wonderfully crisp as a cream puff should be.
    I used a large ice cream scoop to size these to my wife's request and they work out fine. Tanks again

  13. That should be "worked" out fine and "thanks"
    Typing while excited isn't the best ..
    "tanks"again :-)


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