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I started this blog in Dec '09 (some entries are no longer available to view) to record my dabbles in baking, which sometimes result in experimental deliciousness.  Prior to this, I've spent 10+ years (and counting!) of my life surrounded by beakers and flasks, both in academic settings and in state-of-the-art pharma/biotech labs.  As if I couldn't get enough of mixing chemicals in a basement, I began experimenting with baking in the kitchen.  I'm a self-taught baker who seeks to do more than follow a set of directions on a recipe.  I try to educate myself by reading textbooks on the science of baking.  I want to understand what is happening when I add Y to Z and why that's happening, and then manipulate a recipe to achieve results that will be acceptable to my preferences.  I've begun making video blog entries to better articulate some of the baking techniques that are necessary to achieve a great final product, but I'm just learning and I don't claim to know everything.  I hope you like what you see, and please share your comments because I'd like to know what you think.  As I once said before, I'll keep baking and blogging until I get too busy and/or bored.


  1. Hello Ms lollipop.
    I found your blog by chance. Reading about you, It's great to know that there are other people who like me are chemists practicing in the kitchen. I tell my friends that like in the lab I follow a procedure to obtain some products with the benefit that I can eat the practice.

    Congrats colleague,

    A friend from Venezuela

    1. Hi Betty! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I'm not the only chemist who practices what she eats and eats what she practices! :p

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